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Frank Galarza

A Brooklyn native who grew up on the rough streets of New York City, Frank found boxing at the age of 17. It took his energy off streets and into the gym to train and harness his talents towards the Junior Olympics. In 2010 he won the New York City Golden Gloves and from there he became a professional boxer. Frank realized that through his experiences he could give back to the community that helped create the person he is today. Family, hard work, dedication and a desire to empower children is Franks mission with Youth Fighting Forward.


Argenis Arce

Argenis Arce is a Brooklyn native, from the Sunset Park neighborhood. Argenis is the co-owner of Sweatbox Brooklyn. Argenis journey in boxing started at age 9 training at Sunset PAL Gym. It is here where he met Frank Galarza. Argenis fought at Golden Gloves NYC, national tournaments, and Junior Olympics. After graduating from college he decided to open Sweatbox Boxing Gym in the same neighborhood where he grew up. Argenis and Frank decided to create the Youth Fighting Forward Program and Sweatbox has become its New York headquarters.

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Jason "Joker" Catanon

Jason Catanon, known as “Joker” is a Brooklyn Native from the Sunset Park neighborhood. Jason trained at Sunset PAL where he met Frank and Argenis who were already working as boxers. Jason was young and hungry to learn the sport and the training aspect of Boxing. Jason has become a trainer and mentor to young kids while still competing in tournaments as an amateur boxer.

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Alan Rivera

Alan Rivera is 21 year old college student born in Mexico, and raised in Sunset Park. Alan found boxing at a young age and was brought under the tutelage of Argenis at the Sweatbox Gym. He has become a junior trainer for Youth Fighting Forward. Alan has a sincere passion for boxing and teaching young kids the value of training, athletics, and harnessing their energy into realizing their potential as young men and women.