Five Pillars Methodology


Boxing and mma

The adrenaline of combat sports attracts young people to take part.  It offers life lessons from the training sessions and in the relationships between the pupils and the coach.  Boxing & MMA offers a broad appeal and important values to young people: discipline, respect, self –control, a sense of belonging, and identity.

Youth Support Services

Maintaining a holistic view of younger people’s wider needs and not just the needs that are directly related to their participation in our activities. Creating informal and formal structures throughout the project for building relationships with young people, finding out what is happening in their lives, and referring to them to further support. We will either directly provide specific services to meet young people’s needs, or link them to other organizations that provide these services.

Youth Leadership

Instilling a genuine belief throughout our organization in the importance of young people’s voices and young people as leaders. Creating formal and informal structures and opportunities that enable young people to accept increasing levels of responsibility over time. To be able to position young people as leaders outside the project.


Stimulating young people to take ownership of their future, and to take responsibility for gaining relevant skills and qualifications that will form part of their journey. Providing learning opportunities in ways that feel more inclusive and supportive than other learning situations that young people might have already experienced.  Providing young people with additional support, catering both individual and group needs, enabling them to engage with, and succeed in, the opportunities available to them.

Job Training/Work Access

Demystifying the formal work market for young people, helping them overcome barriers, and preparing them to enter it.  Creating actual opportunities for young people to gain experience or employment within our own organization. Generating real opportunities by making connections with employers and employment agencies. Constantly motivating and encouraging young people to be proactive and take responsibility for their actions.


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Sweatbox Brooklyn Gym

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